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“With Genesis 2.0, we’ve added numerous enhancements, the most notable of which is support for HTML5 and CSS3,” said Brian Gardner, chief product officer of Copyblogger Media. “Fortunately for the millions of Genesis site owners, updating to 2.0 is a painless, one-click process. Sites currently outputting XHTML can upgrade to HTML5 with the addition of a single line of code to a child theme.”

New features and upgrades in Genesis 2.0 include:

  • Streamlined design for enhanced look and performance. Genesis
    2.0 sports a clean new look leveraging HTML5 markup and CSS3. Beta
    users have called it the freshest, most appealing parent theme
    currently available to WordPress users. The new Genesis is leaner and
    more lightweight, removing components such as the “Latest Tweets”
    widget, “eNews and Updates” widget, “post templates” feature, and
    “fancy dropdowns” setting. Those functionalities are now available as
  • Microdata for improved SEO. Genesis 2.0 makes it easier for
    search engines to index content, because it has built-in support for
    microdata markup. Microdata is used to embed specific elements within
    content on web pages, which makes it easy for search engines to
    extract and process information from those pages and use it to provide
    richer browsing experiences for users.
  • Enhanced mobile experience. Genesis 2.0 improves the
    mobile-responsive site experience with HTML5, including better
    handling of video and audio, contextual keyboards based on input type,
    and more. The semantic markup is accessible across smartphones,
    tablets, desktop browsers and future web-enabled devices, regardless
    of feature set or capability.
  • Additional security testing. Genesis has always prided itself
    on providing a safe experience for users. Security is a major concern
    among website owners today, as thousands of hackers attempt to exploit
    vulnerabilities in WordPress themes. To provide peace of mind to
    Genesis users, WordPress’ lead developer, Mark Jaquith, has
    extensively tested Genesis 2.0 to ensure that it complies with
    WordPress security best practices.
  • Backwards compatibility. To ensure users feels safe and secure
    when updating, Genesis features one-click seamless updating to Genesis

The upgrade is free for existing Genesis users. New users can purchase the Genesis 2.0 framework for $59.95 or in a package with every StudioPress child theme design for $349.95.

“It’s easiest to understand the role Genesis plays for WordPress websites with an automobile analogy,” said Brian Clark. “WordPress is the engine. The Genesis design framework is the frame and body. And finally, the pure design (a child theme) is the paint job that makes the car look pretty.”

StudioPress, the largest repository of child themes for Genesis, already has updated more than half of its themes to mobile-responsive designs using HTML5 and is releasing new child themes every month that take advantage of the new features in Genesis 2.0.

About Copyblogger Media

Copyblogger Media is an acknowledged leader in software tools and training programs for online publishers and content marketers. The company powers more than 2 million WordPress websites with its market-leading Genesis framework, the centerpiece of a suite of products that includes StudioPress themes, Scribe content marketing software, Premise conversion optimization software, and Synthesis WordPress hosting. Copyblogger helps marketers maximize these tools with specialized training programs; more than 191,000 subscribers receive daily educational updates from Copyblogger.

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