Costly Mistake You Must Avoid in Google Ads

Ads on Google is a blessing to online marketers. What makes it more attractive and best is that the advertisement is paid only after the dormant customers have seen the ad. In other words, the investment return from the online marketing campaignsolely depends on how the marketers select the Adwords. There are a few common mistakes in Google Ads that one must avoid like the

  • Choosing incorrect keywords 

 This is the most common mistake one makes while using Google ads for the first time. One must use relevant, specific and targeted words when using for the online campaign. Useless and broad keywords usually bolt the budget and don’t welcome any conversions. With the help of Adwords Keyword Planner, this problem can be solved when selecting the right keywords.

  • Selecting the right match type 

Apart from choosing the right and relevant keyword, the keyword match should also be appropriate and should match and rhythm with the online campaign. Three kinds of keyword matches have been offered by Google Ads.

  1. Broad Match – It means the ads are shown if your keywords are in any order type. For instance, if your ad goes like `sparkle jewel’, then it will be shown when someone searches `sparkle fashion jewel’, `sparkle junk jewel’ or something similar. When using broad match, don’t add any punctuation marks like the double or single in the keyword either before or after it.
  2. Phrase Match –It means when someone searches for the keywords or the phrase in the order you entered in the Adword, and then your ad will be shown. For example, `sparkle jewel’ will be shown when someone searches `sparkle jewel online shopping’. If one uses the Phrase Match, one should make sure to use double quotes for the keywords like “sparkle jewel” for the match.
  3. Exact Match –Just like the name goes, the ads will be shown when someone searches the exact keyword. But when someone searches `sparkle Jewel in India’ or `sparkle jewel in the world’, your ad will not be shown. Only when someone searches the exact `sparkle jewel’, your ad will be seen.
  4. Avoiding negative keywords 

When using negative keywords, it is a way to leave keywords that are not related or relevant to the campaign and also to the product that is marketed. For example, when you own a women’s garment store for formal, ethnic and casual clothes and not the winter clothes, then you can avoid your ad being seen when someone searches for Women’s winter clothes. So, by this, you can add the word `winter’ as a negative keyword.

  • Tracking performance 

This is usually seen at the beginning of the campaign. The tracking performance is overlooked or not taken seriously during the conversion rate or the campaign’s success. They concentrate only to generate traffic on their site and hence avoid or ignore it. It then leads to difficulty in measuring the Return of Investment. 

  • Wrong grouping of keywords

This is the most common mistake when one uses Google Adwords. The group of keywords is used for the same set as for their campaigns and this will lead to their ads being shown whenever someone searches for any of the related keywords. One should use a different campaign and a different keyword and by this, there is more possibility of their ads attracting more relevant business.

  • Expiry dates for the campaigns

Just like the edibles, the ad campaigns come with an expiry date. After a certain period of time, the ads become more common and familiar with the user and it tends to lose its value. So setting up an expiry date, one can avoid such a situation and also they should keep updating the campaigns and be up to date and trendy.

  • Setting the goal

The basic point one needs to understand is that, what do they want from the ad campaigns? One must be clear in mind about the success and accomplishment to estimate the conversion rate before working out with the Google Adword account. With no clear goals, one will fail to achieve the direction and at the end, they will lose the game. There are many users with no clear goals, spend huge money and quit very easily soon.

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