Danny Seo spurns Martha Stewart for smaller publisher

Danny Seo, the so-called “Green Martha Stewart,” isn’t interested in getting in bed with the real Martha Stewart — you know, in a corporate publishing family sort of way.

Seo’s eponymous magazine Naturally, Danny Seo — forced to cancel its summer issue and search for a new partner after the Harris Publications meltdown in late April — turned down an offer from Meredith, the Domestic Diva’s publisher, and instead teamed up with tiny Bridal Guide publisher RFP Publications.

“After a month of negotiations with Meredith Corporation, Time Inc. and RFP Publications, we have picked RFP to be our publishing partner,” Seo told Media Ink when he stopped by The Post’s offices on Wednesday.

RFP, headed by Chief Executive Barry Rosenbloom, was the only suitor that was going to allow Seo to keep full editorial control.

“I don’t know what the others were offering, but I wanted to give him full editorial control,” said Rosenbloom. “It wasn’t a demand. He’s the go-to guy on eco-lifestyle. I don’t know why anyone would want to take that away from him.”

The Rosenbloom family made a small fortune in the heyday of supermarket tabloids when it sold Globe Communications — which published Globe, puzzle books and the humor magazine Cracked — to American Media in 1999.

Today it publishes Bridal Guide, the Fantasy Baseball Guide and the Fantasy Guide to Football.

Seo was able to extricate himself from the Harris debacle because his deal was a licensing arrangement. The fall issue of Naturally, Danny Seo will be out on Sept. 1.

Article source: http://nypost.com/2016/06/24/danny-seo-spurns-martha-stewart-for-smaller-publisher/

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