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Some questions can never be answered; they can only be debated but we never get the solution to it. The same is the case for CMSs; people for years have been trying to find out which one is best for them and which is good to manage a website. Open source CMSs have had great success and demand for many years because they’re easy to work with and are also flexible. But open source development offers you multiple choices when it comes to a CMS. So there is the age-old confusion of which one to choose.

Even though you can’t decide which one is the best, you can definitely pick the one that suits your needs the best. There is no Content Management Solution that is the best so you settle with what you are comfortable using. However, I am writing this so you will choose WordPress and you should choose WordPress as your CMS. It provides loads of extensions, add-ons and plug-ins, themes and templates, etc., that are easily customizable and easy to use. Scalability is amazing; help and support are top class; there’s a strong user community; integration and other systems all make WordPress a formidable choice to be used as a CMS. It powers many great websites all over the world and this CMS is totally customizable and can be tweaked according to your needs.

According to Elance, WordPress is rated #2 because of the need for WordPress programmers. Google Trends on the other hand lets you measure how many times the topics have been searched and WordPress is much favored. Every year, Water Stone, a digital agency based out of Indonesia takes a look at lots of numbers and trends and pulls together their own research around open source CMS platforms and there as well WordPress has been shown successful.

It’s the most commonly used platform and most people are using it because they find that it’s more convenient to use and more flexible and better than any other open source platform out there. Many third-party figures also show WordPress to be highly favorable. According to popular stats, out of 100 domains 22 run on WordPress so you can now imagine how many sites are powered by WordPress. Not to take away anything from other CMSs, WordPress web design is the one that most people prefer because of its features. There CMSs that might do much more than WordPress though but it has carved out a niche in the market. This makes WordPress the right choice for your website and CMS and it’s one of the best in its league.

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