E-Anniversary: Celebrating 10 Years of SEO with Our Top Five Do’s and Don’ts

E Anniversary: Celebrating 10 Years of SEO with Our Top Five Do’s and Don’ts image Numero Uno 09 26 14 300x202A recent article in Forbes magazine made note of how search engine optimization (SEO) has been a part of online business for more than a decade. And Google, the current SEO authority, continues to develop SEO and its functionality.

Now that SEO has reached this anniversary, it’s time to review what measures need to be taken to ensure you’re still using it to maximum effect.

1.  Use Penguin

If you’re still basing your SEO on Google Panda, you’re behind the times; Penguin, Google’s 2011 counterpart to Panda, is now the chosen algorithm for analyzing inbound links and penalizing web sites that copy content or use an excessive amount of links to rank higher. Penguin’s rules might be familiar to Panda users, but if you’re not up-to-date yet, now’s the time to do so.

2.  Use SSL

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In summer 2014, Google announced that they incorporated the secure sockets layer (SSL), a security encryption, to rank within their search algorithm. While it’s weaker than Penguin’s signal, Google recommended companies use SSL with their web sites to ensure they are secure between browsers and servers. This includes only using relative URLs as resources and acquiring a security certificate so your web site is registered and ranked.

3.  Use Mobile Strategies

Google’s SEO practices have a larger focus on mobile devices and the company keeps tabs on businesses that are doing business on mobile devices; in contrast, they are also offering more SEO opportunities for this medium. Your business’ practices here need to be specific: make sure you narrow down your target locations, offer white papers, and consider your micro-video opportunities. These are all valuable SEO techniques.

4.  Use Sharing

Your images, links to social media, videos, and whatever other quality, original content you have to share are what Google rewards with higher SEO rankings. Take advantage of your shareable media and use it to your advantage.

5.  DON’T Use Gimmicks

Still stuffing your content with random long-tail keywords and links? Any company still doing this is just asking for Google to penalize them, if not shut them down. Since Google has evolved, you’ve got to as well. Now is the time to get serious and professional by removing whatever gimmicks you might still be using.

This article is an original contribution by Dave Wheeler.

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