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Every day, Cult of Mac Deals brings you a wide array of outstanding deals on things that we think will make your life easier and more interesting. As new deals emerge, though, old ones have to close.

Today, we highlight a selection of three deals that are ending very soon: Three Years of Hacker Monthly, The 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit, and the Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0. Get these before they’re gone for good!

Three Years of Hacker Monthly For The Price of One (Digital Subscription)

Hacker Monthly is the magazine version of Hacker News, a social news website that is extremely popular among programmers and startup founders.

Users of Hacker News submit articles for online publishing. Every month, the editors select from the top voted articles and print them in magazine format.

Cult of Mac Deals is offering you a three year digital subscription to Hacker Monthly that you can view on any device, DRM-Free, for just $29. Plus, you get access to all current/past issues immediately after your purchase.

For only $29, Three Years of Hacker Monthly is an amazing opportunity to stay abreast of all the best articles from Hacker News. You better act fast, though, as this deal is going, going, and almost gone.

The 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit: Become A WP Pro In A Weekend

More and more, WordPress is the content management system of choice for people creating a new website.

Why do they choose WordPress? Well, it’s open source, so it’s very cost effective, but it’s also pretty user friendly. Though it is easy to use, there is still a bit of a learning curve attached to using WordPress to design a web page. That is why Cult of Mac Deals brings you The 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit. For just $49, you can become a WordPress pro in just a couple of days.

With the 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit, you will learn everything from the basics, like how to start a WordPress web page, including how to select and apply different themes, to advanced topics such as WordPress theme development.

If web page creation is at all interesting to you, then you cannot go wrong with The 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit for just $49 at Cult of Mac Deals.

The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0

If you are a web or graphics designer, this is the bundle for you. A big part of your work consists of using assets like artwork, web site themes, clipart, etc, but they can cost a lot of cash.

Now, those costs aren’t an issue: You can get $1,500 worth of premium designer assets for whatever you want to spend in The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Yep, you pay what you want to pay for the R-Graphics and Victoricon Assets of this bundle and, if you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive all 6 of the bundle’s components!

What’s even better? By purchasing The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0, you’ll be helping make the world a little better by supporting one of three important charities! It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0 from Cult of Mac Deals will not be available for too much longer, so act on this one today!



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