Getting the correct metrics when testing search engine algorithms


Keeping up to date with what search engine algorithms are looking for from your content is vital in ensuring that your SEO strategy is working to its full potential.

According to an article published by Search Engine Watch, there are a number of metrics out there that can be used to test algorithms to keep your SEO strategies fresh.

Here is just a summarised selection of the suggestions provided by SEW’s article:

Defining Metrics:

Here are some of the metrics you could possibly use and how useful they actually are –

  • Ranking – This is a metric that according to SEW ‘combines too many factors,’ thus making it very difficult to pinpoint any effect on an individual factor effecting your whole SEO activity.
  • PageRank – A very rough metric that is slow to update, however don’t discount it – it can provide you with an outline of ‘how PR is distributed through your website.’
  • Penalties – Penalties will only show when you have one to far. They can also display evidence of ‘manual intervention.’ Overall the triggers for manual checks are difficult to ‘reverse engineer,’ SEW states.
  • Information provided by Google Webmaster Tools – A great hub for providing information on error handling and backlink reporting and much more, this information can provide a significant insight into the factors taken into account in Google rankings. The amount of information provided depends on Google though, which can mean that not enough is provided.

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