GoDaddy Advertising New Extensions via AdWords

I was browsing the New York Post on my iPhone this morning when a GoDaddy banner advertisement caught my attention. The banner was highlighting three new gTLD domain names: You.Training, You.Fitness, and You.Coach:

I am not really sure what prompted this targeting, but it’s interesting to see GoDaddy pitching the new gTLD domain names in a banner advertisement on a mainstream news website.

I don’t do much work from my iPhone and don’t know if I have ever even logged in to my GoDaddy account using my iPhone, so I don’t think it would have anything to do with any of my registered domain names or search history. Even if I did, I doubt they would try and target me for new gTLD domain names since I have fewer than 10 (maybe 5).

Unfortunately, I did not click on the banner to see where it took me within the GoDaddy website, and I have not been able to re-view the banner with numerous refreshing. When I try to manually search for those domain names as I am writing this, I see “Sorry, is taken.Still want it? Here’s what you do.” I think the company should make it a bit easier for a customer to buy domain names that are in a banner in case the customer didn’t click the banner but remembered a specific domain name.

Whois searches for these three domain names show that they are registered at three different registrars. From what I can tell, only one (You.Coach) is listed for sale via Afternic/GoDaddy and the other two are not listed for sale from what I can see. Strangely, when I searched for You.Coach, I received the same “sorry” message even though it is listed for sale via Afternic and GoDaddy.

I would be interested to know who is paying for the advertising. I would imagine it might be a promotion between a registry and GoDaddy, but since I don’t see the landing page with messaging beyond the banner, I can’t really speculate. I wish I had clicked on the banner to see where it took me.

It’s interesting that GoDaddy is using Adwords to talk about the new gTLD domain names. I would be curious to know how widespread this is. Perhaps someone from GoDaddy can comment and shed some light on this campaign.

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