GoDaddy to make WordPress implementation a snap

Web-hosting provider GoDaddy has unveiled its latest way to get small businesses running on it — a simple way to get WordPress running on its servers.

Starting tomorrow, companies may set up their own WordPress-based sites on GoDaddy, from basic blogs to far more complex web applications, the hosting vendor announced today in a press release.

GoDaddy wants to be the go-to vendor for small businesses that want to host websites, and to do that, enabling thoughtless setup and management of WordPress sites is essential.

Companies were able to host sites with WordPress’ popular content-management system on GoDaddy before, but now the company is making it easier for small businesses to do that. It’s backing up the service with a promise that it will be run 99.99 percent of the time. WordPress sites on GoDaddy haven’t always been fast or reliable in the past, according to some message board posts.

Businesses that sign up for the new service don’t need to worry about updating to the latest version of WordPress; before, GoDaddy customers needed to log in and manually request an update.

If companies host WordPress sites on other infrastructure, they can just click a button and move the sites over, GoDaddy said. Prices start at $6.30 a month if a customer signs up for at least a year of service. Protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks comes as part of the deal.

GoDaddy claims to work with more than 12 million customers and manage more than 55 million domains. In October, it bought hosting competitor Media Temple.

The timing of the announcement is interesting Just a couple of days ago, WordPress hosting provider WP Engine said it has taken on $15 million in new funding.

Sure, new blogging platforms such as Ghost have been emerging lately, and hosting providers like DigitalOcean have been embracing them, but they’re not known quantities yet. WordPress is. It makes good sense for GoDaddy to make WordPress implementation a snap. Perhaps GoDaddy should have done it a while ago.

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