Google Adds TV Targeting to AdWords API

Google has introduced a new device category for the AdWords APITrack this API: connected TV. Using connected TV, developers can target TV-connected devices for ads and reports. This applies to smart TVs, but also gaming consoles and streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku and AppleTV.

Prior to connected TV, developers could target three categories: computers, mobile, and tablet. Computers includes desktops and laptops. Mobile includes hand-held devices that include a phone. Tablet includes tablets that don’t necessarily include a phone. For connected TVs, targeting is only available for display and video campaigns.

Developers using the existing categories and include or exclude connected TV with bid modifiers. To deploy connected TV, use “ConnectedTv” for the platform name. The ID is 30004. To isolate connected TV in reports, use the device segment CONNECTED_TV.

Reports will be available anywhere Device-level or Device-segmented reporting is available from Google. The new feature will be available starting January 8, 2019. Google anticipates that some residual traffic may appear in other reports while the new feature is introduced. For more information, check out the Help Center. To ask questions, and discuss connect TV, visit the AdWords API forum.

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