Google Ads Chimes in to Clarify Cryptocurrency PPC Advertising …

Google Ads Chimes in to Clarify Cryptocurrency PPC Advertising Ban Rumors

Is Search Engine Giant Google Changing its Crypto Ads Policy? No, Company Shuts Down the Rumors

Google, much like a number of social media platforms, has gained some notoriety for its approach towards cryptocurrencies. Specifically, Google has faced more media attention due to the name change of its AdWords service to ‘Google Ads’.

Since the name change, rumors have arisen as to whether Google’s initial anti-crypto stance doesn’t apply to this service. Google has since emerged to swat down any potential optimism, reiterating that the same stance applied to Google Ads too and even going as far as banning all cryptocurrency mining apps from the play store as well.

The company, owned by Alphabet, has come down against the cryptocurrency world, taking steps to avoid the more unsavory elements of the marketplace. Last week saw the company remove the removal of the blockchain gaming emulator/wallet, Metamask, while ironically seeing a counterfeit version appearing on the store just days later. We also saw Coinbase get their Facebook account whitelisted as well as rumors of its google adwords pa per click (PPC) campaign restored. We also saw the likes of Sergey Brin talk highly on cryptocurrencies as well as alluding to the fact he and his son are mining Ethereum (ETH).

In the meantime, Metamask has been unable to fight against their removal, resulting in them advising users of the wallet to download an alternative browser to continue using it. And now we see Google Ads chime in and clarify their unmoved stance and positiong regarding cryptocurrency-related advertising via their Google Adwords pay per click platform.

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