Google Ads’ switch to standard delivery starts Oct. 7 for Search, Shopping campaigns, shared budgets

In August, Google Ads announced that it would be removing the accelerated ad delivery option for Search and Shopping campaigns as well as shared budgets. On Tuesday, Google issued a reminder along with updated error codes that will be returned for API and scripts users.

Campaign migration. Starting October 7, Search and Shopping campaigns and shared budgets using accelerated delivery will be automatically migrated to standard delivery.

Final sunset. Starting October 14, accelerated delivery will no longer be generally available for Google Ads, including via the AdWords API, Google Ads API and Google Ads scripts.

Error codes. Google has updated the list of error codes that may result when API clients and scripts try to create or modify accelerated budgets. You can see the full list of error coderss here.

Why we should care. As we wrote when Google first announced the change, this is yet another shift to machine learning. The company said standard delivery has been updated to better optimize ad delivery based on an advertiser’s goals and query contextual signals. While accelerated delivery was meant to be used to ensure your ads were served as often as possible throughout the day, Google indicated that many were using it with restricted budgets, which meant their ads were getting shut off during the day.

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