Google AdWords Lets Users Easily Control Data Sets in Data Studio Reports

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In an effort to help marketers integrate the data they need where they need it, Google AdWords is making an important update to Data Studio reports.

With the help of a new feature called AdWords Data Control, users can now choose the source accounts for data they want to see in any Data Studio report.

This eliminates the need to build separate reports for every user and every account.

Now you can build a report for the data you monitor every day, while having the flexibility to populate the same report with data from your other accounts.

“That makes it easy to monitor all the data for your business while also seeing individual accounts that interest you.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Data Studio — put simply — it’s a reporting tool that connects data from the following sources:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Google Sheets
  • and more

Data Studio collects the data into a customizable dashboard, and can also create dynamically updated reports using data from any combination of sources.

After a report is created it can be easily shared across an entire team or an entire company.

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