Google AdWords Now Supports Remarketing to YouTube Viewers …

Google AdWords Now Supports Remarketing to YouTube Viewers Matt Southern

Google AdWords has rolled out the ability to remarket search ads to those who have watched a business’s YouTube videos.

YouTube already allows advertisers to remarket YouTube ads to people who have previously interacted with their channel.

Now, that same list of people can be used with remarketing lists for search ads.

This can be accomplished by logging into your AdWords accounts and navigating to Shared library Audiences New video remarketing list.

You will then see the following options that are listed in the screenshot below.

Creating a video remarking list can be an effective way to move potential customers down the sales funnel.

For example, if a customer has watched a video about one of your products, you can then show them a Google Search ad when they search for your category of products.

Google notes that YouTube reaches more 18+ users than any TV network – which means there’s significant potential to reach customers who have the most buying power.

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