Google Assistant adds over 50 kids games and activities

Google is adding a bunch of new games and activities to the Google Assistant today as a way to keep kids entertained. The update, which was previewed earlier this month, includes “more than 50 new games, activities, and stories,” ranging from things like musical chairs and freeze tag to science trivia, Disney-themed games, and original kids’ tales. They’ll work on Android phones and the Google Home.

So that kids can use these games on their own (and to sign up some new Gmail users seriously early), Google is also adding in voice identification for children. Google says the Assistant is now better at recognizing kids’ voices; and like adults, it’ll be able to distinguish between them so that it can customize responses to each person. To do this, kids will need a Family Link account, which around Google accounts for kids under 13 that allow for parental supervision.

The new features sound like a nice addition for anyone who has young kids. Simple, fun digital assistant features like the ability to tell jokes have turned out to be a great way to keep kids entertained, and Google is so far the only company to really put some effort into expanding that. That said, Amazon has a wealth of third-party integrations, which can lift some of the weight. But Google is making it much easier for kids to access these things by just building them right into the service.

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