Google Debuts A New Way For Political Candidates and Celebrities To Share Content In Search

Google is debuting a new tool for celebrities and businesses to share information directly to Google’s search results.

Called Google Posts, the invite-only tool allows businesses and celebrities to post text, images, and videos directly onto Google. Once published, Google said the posts will appear in search results related to any searches for the celebrity of business. Additionally, these posts can be shared on social networks.

As spotted by The Verge, Google initially rolled out Posts to U.S. presidential candidates, allowing them to post rebuttals, videos, and information about their political stances and more. The posts themselves appear as “cards” in Google search, which appear as boxes in search results that can be swiped or tapped.

It appears Google is also starting to allow local businesses to add similar posts and information directly to Google Search.

The intent for Google Posts is to allow celebrities to post directly to Google’s search results. Previously a person of interest could appear in Google’s search results by creating content and websites that would be indexed by the search giant’s algorithm. Google Posts seemingly will allow businesses, celebrities and politicians to bypass the algorithm and appear directly within search results.

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calls Posts a “podium” and in some ways, this feature could be a more accessible way for consumers to find information. What this possibly allows is that Google searchers get the information they want more easily within search. Especially on mobile, consumers want to be able to get results fast.

What’s unclear yet is how Google will monetize these posts, and whether they will become an advertising product.

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