Google: GoogleBot Won’t Request Google Analytics & Many Other Ad Scripts When Crawling

Martin Splitt of Google said on stage at SMX East that Google won’t request Google Analytics and many other ad scripts when crawling your site. This saves in terms of resources and crawl efficiency. I asked Martin later on to list out all the things GoogleBot won’t crawl specifically, because it is useful to know.

The only issue with that request is that it probably constantly changes and Google adds more and more to that list. But still, it is good to know in general that GoogleBot is not wasting its time accessing Google Analytics and other ad scripts when crawling.

Here is my tweet when I posted this while they were on stage:

Yes, I am quoting myself, quoting Martin Splitt.

This does not mean Google ignores these scripts when accessing page speed or other metrics. He just was talking about crawling and rendering – not ranking.

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