Google Launches Google Ads Editor v.1 Replacing AdWords Editor

Google has launched the new Google Ads Editor to replace the AdWords Editor. This comes well after Google rebranded AdWords to Google Ads. With that, Google rebranded the AdWords Editor to Google Ads Editor and also added features.

Google wrote “Today we’re announcing Google Ads Editor, v1. It’s a new and improved version of the Editor that you’ve come to know and love over the past 13 years. We waited to formally announce the new Google Ads brand on an Editor release that incorporates a significant update that addresses long-standing requests from the community.”

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Here is what is new:

Full cross-account management: In the past, campaign managers could only make changes in the Editor UI for a single account at any given time. This meant you spent more time on the same tasks. For the first time, Editor now supports full, cross-account management. This means you’ll be able to use Editor seamlessly across your Google Ads accounts, all from a single window. For example, you’ll be able to easily add the same set of keywords across different accounts, update campaign settings across your entire book of business, or download relevant stats across any grouping of your accounts.

Improved design and usability: We’ve also improved the interface to help you navigate features and execute tasks more quickly. For example, based off of UX research we saw that users had difficulty remembering where each setting was. So we created a right-hand Edit panel to improve your ability to scan. We also added search functionality so that you can quickly find what you need.

Google Ads Editor v1 also helps you manage accounts at scale:


  • Additional custom rules: Flag best practices and ensure proper campaign implementations.
  • Full support for non-skippable Video ads: Manage more video campaigns within Editor.
  • Additional Call-to-action and headline fields for all Video campaigns: Give more information on all video ads, not just TrueView.
  • Positive and negative users list audiences for Smart Display campaigns: Easily reach new potential customers.
  • Options to manage App campaigns: Includes campaign, ad group, and ad level assets.

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