Google marks International Women’s Day with a “women led” attribute for business listings

To mark International Women’s Day, Google will start letting business owners identify their listings as “Women led” on Google My Business. Once enabled, this means their business entry on Google Maps or Google Search will display a female symbol captioned “Women led” alongside other attributes, or badges which give users more information at a glance and may include “Has Wi-Fi” or “Free Parking,” for example.

“We strive to organize the world’s information in a way that is inclusive of all people,” a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch. “Last year, we added an LGBTQ-friendly attribute in time for Pride. This year we’ve added the women-led attribute to empower women-led businesses to succeed online and enable people to find businesses to visit using Google Maps and Search.”

(If you’re wondering how Google ensures businesses that select the “Women led” attribute are actually led by women, business owners can self-identify their gender during Google My Business’ verification process. Business owners must verify their listings before they are able to manage its information on Google Maps, Search and other services.)

As part of its announcement today, Google highlighted three women-led businesses: Progetto Quid in Verona, Italy, a textile company created to give women more employment opportunities; Reaching Out Teahouse in Hoi An, Vietnam, which provides jobs and a support network to people with physical disabilities; and Chicago’s Yogolandia Yogurt Botana Bar.

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