Google may just have solved podcasting’s discovery problem

[Animation: courtesy of Google]

Sites like Listen Notes and (until it shut down in 2017), among many other startups determined to crack podcast discovery, were created to solve this problem by aspiring to be the Google for podcasts.

But now Google wants to be the Google for podcasts.

Starting today, the company announced that it’s updating its search function to include playable episodes within the search results around a topic. So if you’re looking for “podcasts about grilling” or “knitting podcasts,” results will surface with relevant episodes “based on Google’s understanding of what’s being talked about on a podcast,” according to a Google blog post, “so you can find even more relevant information about a topic in audio form.”

The new features are currently only available in the U.S. for searches in English.

Later this year, Google will be rolling out the podcast search capability to Google Assistant, and it also announced that publishers will be able to specify a playback destination. Meaning they’ll be able to choose which third-party website or app they want to surface in a search result.

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