Google News app bug is using up gigabytes of background data without users’ knowledge

Some users of Google News for Android are reporting that the app has used up excessive amounts of background data, leading to overage charges. According to dozens of posts on the Google News Help Forum, users have been experiencing this issue as early as June. The issue was verified and addressed by a Google News community manager in September, stating that the company was investigating and working toward a fix, but the issue is still ongoing.

Verge reader Zach Dowdle emailed in with his experience, and screenshots of his app and Wi-Fi data usage.

The Google News app is randomly using a ridiculous amount of background data without users’ knowledge. The app burned through over 12 gigs of data on my phone while I slept and my Wi-Fi had disconnected. It lead to $75 in overage charges.

The Google News app used 21GB on Wi-Fi in one month. The spike starting September 24th shows when the bug affected Dowdle’s app.
Image: Zach Dowdle

When Wi-Fi disconnected, the bug used up close to 12GB of mobile data in a night.
Image: Zach Dowdle

According to several users, the app burned through mobile data despite having “Download via Wi-Fi” turned on in the settings. In some extreme cases, the Google News app used up to 24GB of data, leading to overage charges of up to $385, users reported. So far, the only solutions seem to be disabling background data, and deleting the app altogether. We’ve reached out to Google about the issue and will update when we hear back.

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