Google removes ‘Bomb Gaza’ app after outcry


Google removed a controversial game from its Play store on Monday that called for users to drop missiles from Israeli aircraft onto cartoonish Hamas militants following outcry that the app was insensitive.

The game, “Bomb Gaza,” which was uploaded to the store last week and had been installed more than 1,000 times, tasks would-be users to “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians,” according to its description and a series of screenshots. Points are scored by annihilating black-clad terrorists while avoiding civilians and children dressed in white.

“Disgrace to the developer and Google itself.”

– Mohammed Kobir

The game’s listing in the Google Play store was removed as of Monday evening. Messages seeking comment from Google officials were not immediately returned Monday, and attempts to reach the game’s developer were unsuccessful.

But users who had played the game prior to its removal were incredulous that it was available.

“This is disgusting,” one reviewer wrote. “ … Cannot believe Android let this game in the market, absolutely disgusted!”

Other users blasted the game as “spineless, disgusting filth,” or merely as a vehicle to monetize the suffering of others.

“Please take this off the [P]lay store,” another user wrote. “It is offensive and I am really let down that Google actually allowed this. If this game isn’t removed, I’m starting a Google boycott.”

More than 1,880 Palestinians and at least 60 Israelis have been killed in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

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