Google Search Home Page Gets Christmassy With New Doodle

Google has dished out its Happy Holiday Google Doodle and fanboys from all around the world are saying that this could be after all, one the best designed Doodles they have come across so far.

The new edition of the Doodle features an interactive Google logo outlined by Christmas lights and colourful gift boxes laid under each letter in the logo. Clicking on the first box turns the entire background black, following which the big G in the Google logo turns into a snowflake. Clicking of subsequent boxes turns each of the letters in the Google logo into different shape such as a bell, snowman, candle, etc.

Well, that was only about the visual part – soon after, the beginning notes of the Jingle Bells tune start playing. However, the Doodle does not stop there either – as soon as the Jingle Bell stops playing, the user is redirected to a page featuring the search results for ‘happy holidays’.

Slowly and gradually, Google Doodle is turning out to be “more and more involved and complicated. “More like works of art than fun gags.” Doodle team member Sophia Foster-Dimino said during an interview, Huffington Post reports.

The Google Doodle team was first introduced in as early as 2000 in order to regularly supply the Google Home page with Doodles.

Merry Christmas Folks!!!

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