Google Suggests That The Average Googler Isn’t Interested In SEO

How can anyone not be interested in SEO or how Google search ranks pages? Especially, how can someone working at Google, a company that ranks web pages for a living, not be interested in how it works. But John Mueller from Google said on Twitter “You’re over-estimating the interest of average Googlers in SEO :-). There’s a lot that needs to be done at a company like Google.”

Here is the conversation on Twitter:

This is kind of funny but the truth is, I am sure you know some folks that work at Google. I mean, personally know someone that works at Google. I have a nice number that do in my community and they know nothing about how search works – in fact, they work on things unrelated to search. I think most of those who are employed by Google do not directly work on search. Some have HR jobs, some have legal jobs, some have jobs in cloud computing, self driving cars, mailroom, janitorial, security, etc.

So yea – probably the average Googler doesn’t really care about (1) how search works and (2) more so, how well Google’s own internal SEO is.

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