Google tablet is the Nexus of rumors; Google Play for $199?

–>The Google tablet rumor will not die. Supposedly, ASUS is working with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) on a Nexus tablet, possibly branded Google Play. The 7-inch Android ICS slate will retail for just $199, we’re told. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get ready for a fight with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN).
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Taylor Wimberly reports the rumor:

Google has partnered with ASUS [on] a 7-inch tablet that will become a pure Google Experience Device…ship[ping] with stock Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich. … [So say] two different industry sources…at Mobile World Congress. … I find them to be trustworthy.

Consumers want cheap tablets and the $199 Kindle Fire has proven this. … ASUS previously announced their $249 MeMo 370T tablet at CES…and our sources say that Google was so impressed…that they approached ASUS to see if they could…reach that magical $199 price point.

We are still unsure of the final product name, but Google Play is a possible candidate.    M0RE

Kevin Parrish adds:

Typically this market is split into two retail models: the certified Android devices…include Google’s services like Gmail, Android Market and so on, whereas [others don’t] and generally aren’t as popular. … But now we have Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the best-selling Android tablet.

Google has set its sights on the Kindle Fire and plans…to regain control over the Android tablet sector. … Google’s secret weapon…may be something similar to the Asus MeMo 370T.

As for the name, that’s still up in the air. … The “Nexus” branding seems more likely given that Google has used it [before].    M0RE

Jared Newman rocks the double-negative:

It’s not implausible that Google and Asus would work together on a low-cost, high-quality Android tablet.

Talk of a lower price is certainly interesting, but only if the quality of the tablet isn’t compromised. … Still, Asus’ next tiny tablet is worth keeping an eye on — Nexus or not.    M0RE

Fuad Abazovic is easy for you to say:

The processor of choice is Tegra 3 and this is why many think that Asus might be building the new tablet. … Amazon has managed to upset Google quite a lot, by selling more than four million tablets…and eating into the Android tablet market.    M0RE

Meanwhile, Michael Crider triangulates:

Keep in mind that this is all chasing after the wind. The only confirmed information…is Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s…comment that the company is preparing a “tablet of the highest quality.”

[R]umors suggest the tablet will…unveil at Google IO [in June].    M0RE

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