Google to Deactivate Non-Spending AdWords Accounts This Month

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Google will be deactivating AdWords accounts with no recent ad spend starting in mid-May.

Previously, the company stated it would begin deactivating accounts back in March.

Without revealing why, it’s clear that Google had a change of heart at some point and decided to extend the deactivation deadline by two months.

This will affect users with AdWords accounts who have not spent any money on ads in the past 15 months.

Users can avoid having their accounts deactivated simply by putting more money in the meter, so to speak. In other words — buy some ads.

Alternatively, users can wait for their account to get deactivated and then reactivate the account for free. However, if there is still no ad spend within 3 months of reactivation, the account will be deactivated once again.

If your AdWords account gets deactivated, follow the steps below to reactivate it at any time:

  • Sign into your AdWords account.
  • In the upper right, click “Settings” and then click Account settings.
  • On the “Preferences” tab, click ‘Reactivate this account’ to finish activating your account.
  • If prompted, you might also need to update your billing information.

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