Google Voice Returns to App Store

Hope your past week of Google Voice-less communication has been alright, iOS users, because we – by way of Google Voice’s official Twitter account – have the news you’ve been waiting to hear. Google Voice is now back in Apple’s App Store, as engineers have apparently fixed the issue that had previously caused Google to pull the app last week.

It’s unclear as to what, exactly, was making Google Voice previously play so poorly with Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 5. And the issue itself didn’t appear to be widespread – or, rather, only a subset of iOS 5 users were reporting that Google Voice was crashing upon sign in, as opposed to the entire iOS 5 user base.

Nevertheless, the problem was prevalent enough that Google itself volunteered to pull the app off of Apple’s App Store: That meant no Google Voice access for new iOS 5 users looking to tap into VoIP calling and, worse, no outgoing calls or text messaging threads for any Google Voice users who still had the app on their iPhones or iPads pre-pull.

The latest version of Google Voice that’s been uploaded to the App Store,, addresses a single problem officially: “Fix for sign in crash introduced in v1.3.0.1771.” However, according to a message posted to the official Google Voice twitter page, the latest version of the app also, “improves calling through [Google Voice] when there is no data: no data required for all numbers previously called.”

Google Voice first debuted on the iOS platform in November of 2010, following a year-long squabble with Apple in which the company famously resisted allowing apps on the iPhone that cloned its primary features in some capacity.

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