Google’s Apple Arcade competitor Play Pass is officially on the way

Earlier this year, screenshots leaked of an experimental Google Play game subscription service called Google Play Pass, which looked to be a direct answer to Apple’s similar Apple Arcade. But it doesn’t seem to be a test anymore — Google has now teased that Play Pass is officially “coming soon.”

The teaser, a day before Apple revealed pricing and launch details for Apple Arcade, has zero details — so we’ll have to keep waiting to learn more about when the service is coming, how much it will cost, and which games will be available.

But we do have those early leaked screenshots, first reported on by Android Police in July, to suggest that it may cost $4.99 per month — exactly the same price as Apple Arcade — and appears to have a similar model to Apple Arcade in giving subscribers an ad-free, play-what-you-want experience.

The screenshots also showed that the service might have some well-known games, including Monument Valley, Stardew Valley and Threes, as well as non-gaming apps such as “premium music apps” and fitness trackers. Google often holds an event to announce new hardware and services in October, and perhaps Google Play Pass will make its debut there.

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