Google’s VR painting tool Tilt Brush is getting a beginner mode

Google is updating its VR art tool Tilt Brush today, adding a beginner mode for novices, a feature that locks objects in place so you can edit around them, and others.

Google acquired the VR studio that made Tilt Brush in 2015 and has since released new features like a multiplayer mode and a Unity integration that lets you animate drawings.

In its latest update, Google has added 12 new brushes with different textures, volumes, and more sound effects. It has also added a beginner and advanced mode. Users who first open the app will see the main features, and they can press the advanced mode button to access more features. There is no intermediate mode.

Image: Google

Tilt Brush has picked up a Pin Tool that essentially works like Photoshop’s locked layers, where you can choose to lock objects while you edit the area around them. There’s also a new select-all feature, and a deselect feature so users will have an easier time editing a sketch. Similarly, you can now undo many brush actions or redo them by holding onto the controller button.

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