Grow with Google bringing digital workshops to libraries across the U.S.

“Grow with Google” launched in 2017 to teach digital skills and bring jobs opportunities across America ahead of automation. The $1 billion grant last year announced that it’s expanding to U.S. libraries with the first partnership kicking off today.

Since launch, Google has been partnering with local organizations to teach digital skills to job seekers and those running small businesses. The initiative discovered that libraries play a central role, and is now directly supporting them.

This partnership comes as many libraries in recent years have already begun to reposition themselves as a place to learn about technology, especially for those that are less technically inclined.

Libraries have long been America’s go-to gathering place for learning.  Now more than ever, people are using libraries as resources for professional growth.  And libraries are stepping up: 73% of public libraries are making free job and interview support available in their communities.

The company is launching the Grow with Google Partner Program, where nonprofits can access free tools, content, and programs, with applications now open.

Meanwhile, Google is providing a $1 million sponsorship to the American Library Association. This will go towards microfunds aimed at supporting digital skills trainings across the country.

We’re looking forward to people across the country joining us at their local library to learn digital skills, from online marketing tips to how to use a spreadsheet.  We’ll have plenty of Googlers available for one-on-one training and to answer your questions. Follow our events page to see when we’ll be visiting your state.

Over time, Grow with Google will expand its in-person workshops for job seekers and small businesses, library staff trainings, and ongoing support to libraries to all 50 states. It kicked off today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with those workshops.

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