HALLOWEEN GOOGLE DOODLE: Time-lapse video of carved ‘Google’ pumpkins …


FROM THE SEEDS of inspiration, six squat and beautiful sculptures are born.

In some countries, Google is celebrating Halloween on Monday with a very entertaining time-lapse video short.

The “Google Doodle” on the home search page features company employees and friends who carve their way onto the global digital landscape by carving out a half-dozen uber-plump pumpkins. The video — which reveals a certain fun and lively ‘esprit-de-gourd’ — was shot at Google’s Mountain View, Calif., campus.

(And yes, as we all know: Pumpkins and gourds are only related — zaftig cousins of the Cucurbita.)

During the course of the daytime carving, some of the eclectically dressed workers pose and make a human “pyramid,” a couple of staffers in costume as Santa Claus and Uncle Sam. (Meanwhile, the funky Balkan brass of New York’s Slavic Soul Party! is piped into our eardrums.)

By nightfall, the six jack-o’-lanterns can be seen enchantingly illuminated from within — spelling out the word “Google.”

While some link Halloween — or All Hallows’ Eve — to ancient Pomona and Parentalia festivals, the holiday is traditionally traced to Samhain (or Samuin, meaning “summer’s end), the festival upheld by the Celts and Gaels beginning in the 10th or 11th century.

“Halloween” is said to be a Scottish variant of “All-Hallows-Even” — or “evening.”

Last year, Google celebrated All Hallows’ Eve with a “Scooby Doodle” — a progression of five mystery-solving images featuring the cartoon characters from “Scooby Doo.”

This year, the Google video reportedly was posted early before being quickly taken down. According to one NBC site: “YouTube sent an email notification to subscribers of Google’s official channel Friday. The message read “Google just uploaded a video: ‘Pumpkins ALL v5 FINAL’ ”.’

Whether that trick was intentional or not, Google, thanks for the visual treat.

Happy Halloween.


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