How Can Google Voice Assistant App Make Your Business Efficient?

Avinash Sharma
How Can Google Voice Assistant App Development Make Your Business Efficient

2017 was the year of Alexa with the Amazon assistant passing 10 million unit sales in the year as a whole.

2018 saw Google Home rising and rising with it was Google Voice Assistant App – the technology powering million of Google Home devices around the globe.

And soon, in just a matter of 2 to 3 years, voice assistants have now come at a position where they are being used all over the world in both personal and professional capacity for a number of varying applications.

The voice assistant market, although being the one offering a series of benefits to the end users (benefits that we will get to in a while), it is still considered to be in the infancy stage.

An infancy stage dominated by three players – Amazon’s Alexa, Google Personal Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

State of Voice Assistant in MarketvEven among the three voice assistant market players, the user preferences are presently divided. While the users who have adopted voice assistant for their personal use are more inclined towards Amazon Alexa, the ones who have business usage for the assistants are focussing more towards Google Virtual Personal Assistant App. While Apple is yet to hold a preferable position in either of the situations.

The Reason Behind This Demarcation in The User Group is Simple.

Amazon Alexa comes with a series of devices that falls in varied price range, which are fit for a whole spectrum of income buyers. On the other hand, Google with its advancements in Voice technology announced was in line the I/O 2018 event expectations  – a declaration of its intention to reform businesses.   

While the use cases and advancement of voice technology inside a home setup – both with Alexa and the action of Google Assistant Commands list – are talked about and diagnosed at great lengths in several places, let us today focus our attention on the business side of the voice technology ergo Impact of Google Voice Assistant App on Businesses.

As compared to the voice assistant users who use the technology at home when we talk about the businesses’ exposure to Google Assistants, we find that the awareness of business consumers on voice assistants and devices, in the sense of the existing technology and capabilities in existence, is very nascent.

And however, there is no denying the fact that voice is indeed the future. The bright future that can be seen in the voice assistant usage and sentiment statistics.

Voice Assistant Usage and Sentiment StatisticsThe technology will, in fact, keep on driving and shifting the consumers’ behavior and it is the need of the future hour for companies to prepare and start adjusting accordingly.

As we discuss this, the search, commerce, content, and advertising are getting impacted industry-wide with the consumers now transforming how they interact with the brands because of the advancement of voice technology and Google Assistant.

The consumers are talking, and it is time for your business to listen.

Through this article, we will help you with just that.

In this article, we will look into how Voice Assistant App Development is the medium and key to not just enter the voice-powered world but even top it.

But, before we move on that, let us first look into the state of Google Assistant market.

Prevalence and Rise of Google Assistant

It is anticipated that by the time we hit 2022, the number of devices operational with Google Assistant are going to be a lot more prevalent in the market as compared to any other virtual assistant.

A hint of what can be seen in the prevalence of Google Assistant on over 1 billion devices.

While in 2018, the devices running Google Assistant app accounted for approximately 46% of the smartphones carrying personal assistants, it is anticipated that the time we reach 2022, Google will be able to grow its market base by over 60%.

These numbers are not the only ones hinting towards the bright future of Google Assistant, there are a number of data coming in from a number of different sources with a similar story to share.

A Digital marketing company, Stone Temple recently released a round of smart speaker based intelligence statistics. The company in the report tested over 4,942 questions across Cortana, Alexa, Siri and both the versions of Google Assistant – smartphone and home.

And this is what the accuracy chart looked like –Voice Assistant Stats in 2017 vs 2018The percent of accurate answers that Google Assistant App was able to offer is a sign of the technology’s reliability.

And the factor of heavy reliability along with the wide set of features that Google Assistant offer are two of the prominent reasons why businesses such as yours have started employing Google Assistant for bettering their processes. Here are the other answers to how Google Assistant help businesses and why your business should employ the technology

Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt Google Voice Assistant App Development

A. It is Everywhere

The top selling factor of Google Assistant is that the functionality is everywhere.

From smartphones to smart displays, smart speakers, TVs, Cars, Game streamers, Watches to IoT, you can take your app attached with Google Assistant app and initiate it from every single device that every modern day user uses.

B. It is in 80 Countries and Talks in 30 Languages

Came 2018 and Google delivered its promise to expansion made in the Google I/O 2018 by coming in over 80 countries and introducing language set that reaches to up to 30 languages and their thousands of native speakers.

The visibility reach that Google Voice Assistant app promises to businesses is something that is very difficult for other brands in the same category to contest.

C. It is Proactive

The NLP and Machine Learning technologies that Google Assistant for PC, Smartphones, and a plethora of other devices has been powered with, has given it the capabilities to do predictive and prescriptive analysis, which prepares to offer services even before the users ask for it.

Suppose you ask for the assistant to book movie tickets but with the proactive algorithms that have been feeded into the system, the query returns asking if you wish to book a cab from Uber or Lyft – a gold mine for brand visibility, isn’t it?

D. It Controls a Wide Range of Devices

Google Assistant can control a number of devices in home and office spaces. Devices like – Hubs, Locks, Switches, Switch, Thermostats, and Lightning can be controlled by the Google Assistant. Giving you the access to expand into a number of business models.

E. It Allows Creation of a Routine

Google allows the users to create custom routine by adding custom requests on Assistant. For example, when someone says “supper time” the lights can dim, the Spotify dinner playlist can start and the TV might turn off.

While this is just an at home example, imagine user saying “book movie ticket” and your app coming up suggesting time and venue along with Uber’s app notification to book a cab. The implication of Routine for businesses goes as far as your business can imagine.

F. It Enables People to Buy Products

By making the Google Assistant SDK available to a number of mobile app developers, Google has made it possible to add in the Assistant functionality in mobile apps that come with the feature to order products – making it possible for the Android assistant app developers to give the facility to the end users to ask Assistant to add products in cart. 

G. It Makes Phone Calls

Google Voice Assistant App for Businesses allows you to make calls to other people and establishments through Google Duplex. The NLP that is getting fed in the Assistant is even preparing it to have full-length natural conversations, which even includes understanding and passing puns and touches of sarcasm, with the other users.

The answer to what can Google Assistant do that lies in the plethora of different factors that separate Google Assistant from other AI Virtual Assistant apps in the market is also the ones that place Google Assistant in the future of several industries. A future that businesses can start focusing on today itself by understanding how to use Action SDK for Google Assistant App Development.

Here are the possible use cases of How Google Assistant Grow Businesses across all domain.

Google Assistant App for Businesses Use Cases

For Increased Visibility

For a technology that is present in more than 1 Billion devices across 80 countries and interacts in over 30 languages, the answer to what can Google Assistant do lies in the technology’s power to take your business across borders in billion and more homes and offices.

For both B2B and B2C category end-users, an app linked with Google Assistant holds the potential to take your visibility count and ultimately the engagement rate on entirely some other level.

For Exposed, Omni-Channel Marketing

The essence of marketing lies in three things – A. Giving answers to the users B. Converting Visitors into Buyers and C. Being Present Everywhere the User is.

Now when we talk about it all from the business front, the medium to achieve the true essence of Marketing seem to lie with getting the full assistant experience on Google. Something that your partnered Google Assistant App Development Agency completely understands.

  • Giving Answers to the Users

If we look at one of the top usages of Google Assistant App for businesses, we will find that the technology is used mainly for finding the answer to a question that people are too tired to write. Before people ask Google Assistant to share a joke, they ask it questions related to one or the other of the everyday tasks or something that they plan on doing.

So, when you attach your app in Google Assistant you give the billion of people an opportunity to turn to your app to find answers.

  • Converting Visitors into Buyers

If there is one thing that no virtual assistant does better than Google Assistant, it is creating Actions. The AI voice assistant technology lets you create actions within your app that are then connected to Assistant, which then allows the end users to perform action on your app from within the assistant itself, without opening your application (if the app is installed on their devices).

An example of this can be seen in users ordering food or cab through assistant which directs them to your application. A move that increases your app awareness and convert casual visitors into consumers.

  • Being Present Everywhere the User is

With Google AI Assistant being present on a range of devices belonging to multiple size dimensions, user groups, and in a wide spectrum of geographic nations, the technology when invested through Google Assistant App Development holds the ability to place your brand inside millions of homes talking multiple languages.

For Streamlined Customer Relationship Management

An efficient Customer Relationship Management is something that a number of businesses struggle with.

A struggle that has become easy with Google Voice Assistant App Development.

The technology allows you to make notes during the customer call when you don’t have a pen lying around. It enables you to search for emails from a specific person or from a certain subject line.

With the help of Google Duplex functionality of Assistant, you can even schedule calls to the clients by incorporating the right dialogue in the Assistant, making it possible for your Sales team to focus on other tasks at hand with your custom voice-based application.

Now that we have seen the rise and impact of Google Assistant on businesses, it is time to get onto the process of How to include a voice assistant in an app. Something that you would need experienced Google Assistant app developers help for.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with making your business efficient.

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