How Much Google AdWords PPC Worth in 2019 by Media Challengers?

A small business can start with minimum bids and increase the bidding amount on getting profit. AdWords provides everything from keywords research tool to analytics needed to keep an eye on the functioning of ad groups, campaigns and ads. There are so many things you can do with AdWords that it becomes irresistible for marketers.

I’ve summed up 5 biggest benefits of AdWords for every business. You can say that these points give many reasons for businesses to try AdWords. If you can’t decide whether AdWords would work for your business, you should go through these points.

1. See quick results

Google AdWords is quick in giving results. As soon as your ad setup is complete, you can start receiving targeted visitors on your site. You set AdWords account; search keywords; make ads; complete the ad setting like time and place; select minimum bid and the ads are ready to go. You allow Google to publish your ads and set your eyes on the incoming traffic that starts with the publication of ads.

You can set an AdWords account free of cost and run ads at minimum budget to test usability of Google ads for your benefit. The keywords would show popularity of your business and the potential of AdWords to direct targeted traffic to your site.

2. Ultimate potential

AdWords is the only scalable digital marketing platform available and its potential can be judged from the billions of keywords it has in store. There is a keyword for every business under the sun. AdWords keeps updating its keywords to include latest searches and exclude those that are outdated or no longer used. The keywords are provided through bidding that is an excellent way to buy ranks. Beginners can start with minimum bids and scale upwards by increasing their bids according to the results. It is a profitable marketing strategy that requires little investment to start.

3. Analytics

AdWords offers an amazing array of tools to peep into its functioning. The tools show results in different formats like performance tracking that gives in insight into the working of ad groups. The performance indicator would help in determining whether the ads need changes. Similarly, you can see advert position, conversion rates and average cost per click.

The analytics are helpful in understanding how AdWords can help your business. You can see which keywords are performing and what is the minimum bid required to get targeted traffic. Here you don’t have to rely on words because you have data to form opinion. The data would show whether AdWords is worth investing.

AdWords provide analytical tools free of cost. For example, you don’t have to pay for searching keywords. Similarly, you get the data regarding performance of your ad groups and bidding price free of cost. And it is a big help especially for small businesses like yours.

4. Total control

Stop your AdWords campaigns if you don’t find them profitable. Or you can make changes in the ad groups to boost their performance. You can change settings, add/delete keywords or remove ad groups according to your findings. It is called total control and this control gives more confidence on AdWords. The moment you feel that the AdWords isn’t worth investing, you can walk out of the platform.

It is only AdWords that allows marketers to dictate the behavior of visitors. For example, you are free to design a compelling landing page to convince your paid visitors to take a certain action like giving a small feedback, participating in a short quiz and signing up for a newsletter.

Unlike other digital marketing services, you don’t have to enter into lengthy contracts for AdWords marketing. You are free to stop your campaign after the first click on your ad. There is lot of flexibility available to manage your finances so that you get return on every penny spent on clicks.

5. Get an edge over others

Could you beat your competitors in search marketing or social media? Yes you could but it would be a lengthy battle and also the gains could be short lived. What is more worrisome is that you would have to spend hundreds of dollars in SEO and SMO campaigns. It is possible to take lead over others in search marketing but it requires lots of efforts and money.

Look at AdWords that provide you an opportunity to kick-off your competitors in keywords bidding and snatch number one position by spending a few dollars. What is more exciting is that you can retain the top position for as long as you want. With AdWords, you can remain before the eyes of your audience and in this way get a leg up on your counterparts. Also, the high visibility would help in becoming of your brand in the long run.

Is Google AdWords the right platform for your business?

The answer is yes but with conditions. The best way to know why AdWords is to try PPC marketing and you shouldn’t mind spending a few dollars on a marketing activity that promises 100% results. For example, you can check your competitors on AdWords and see how they are doing in PPC marketing.

The condition for AdWords is in-depth knowledge of the platform and a passion for creating compelling ads. The Google AdWords is all about results that you can buy with money. Google has a detailed tutorial for AdWords and also there are PPC agencies that offer real help at a fraction of the cost of PPC marketing.


It hardly matters whether your business is small, medium or large because in AdWords everyone gets similar treatment. You could feel difficulty in competing with brands in search marketing but in AdWords you can easily outperform brands. If you want, can do it for you.

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