How SEO and Adwords Work? What is Better?

Adwords and SEO with a handshake in the middle for marketing solutions

SEO and Adwords are key to the position on Google. There is a difference, so SEO offers a more sustainable solution, but it also requires more time and dedication. On the other hand, Adwords offers an instant solution that delivers results right away, but lasts just as much as your budget.

Both solutions can be used independently of the other, while both depend solely on Google rules. This search engine knowingly gives the parameters on the basis of which it performs the ranking of the results so that everyone can influence the positioning and this is called SEO.

Google also offers advertising that can put you in a lot of trouble ahead of all other search results called Adwords. In this case, it is not necessary to do SEO, but it can be useful.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is an action that aims to achieve a better position in organic searches (results that are not paid). In this search, the sites that are most related to the search terms are shown first and for which Google has determined that they are the authority in the requested topic.

If someone cannot find your firm on the internet, it will be difficult to buy what you sell, order your service, or find out where you are in order to come and look at something in your store. Let’s take, for instance, that you are a dentist and your office is in New York, of course, you have a site that works. Try typing in the “New York dentist” search. Is your site in the search results on the first page?

If your site does not show, it means you need optimization. Search works by clicking on New York dentist, Google searches all sites that have these words. In order to give the best results, it trips them by first showing the most relevant, up-to-date and sites that provide the most adequate information. The position also influences whether other sites recommend you (“link” you) and whether these sites can be trusted, but also many other factors.

If you want to optimize your site yourself, read the Simple SEO Guide for Beginners and Optimize Text, Images, and Links in Posts.

Keep in mind that optimization is a process that takes place and it’s necessary that the site is regularly updated in line with the changes made by Google. Before you lose days and months on this job, consider also the possibility to entrust this task to someone who is already involved.

How does Adwords work?

Adwords is a Google product that allows you to advertise sites in search results. This means you can pay to find your site on the first (second, third ..) site in search every time someone searches for what you offer. This offer is irresistible because tomorrow you can see your site on the first page, in the first place in the browser that everyone uses.

In particular, this means that it is not necessary to spend months building links, writing texts, optimizing everything on the site, tracking the changes that the search engine brings … which otherwise requires SEO.

What is good about this type of advertising is that you choose the words you want to advertise for yourself, you choose how much you spend on these words, determine the time of the show, you are creating the text that will be displayed and adjust many other parameters that can contribute to the quality of your ad.

The best way, for this type of advertising, is to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. An overview (people can see your address or phone number) is not charged, which is an additional benefit compared to traditional advertising methods where you pay even when no one is listening or watching a commercial (radio and tv).

It’s logical that you’ll choose words to advertise for someone who searches for what you offer. As in the previous case, we will assume that you are a New York dentist who has a site and just set up your first Adwords campaign. If you entered the keyword “New York dentist,” when someone types the same, they will see your site.

Where to invest money SEO or Adwords?

Let’s look briefly at your site, like your house that you built. To keep the house functional, it is necessary to maintain and invest in repairs. With regular maintenance, you can either rent it or sell it at any time and everyone will want it. It’s easy to advertise, and advertising will not cost you a lot because it will take a short time – a good product is quickly sold.

Additionally, if the house is beautiful and maintained, anyone who sees the advertisement you paid will be impressed and will recommend it to friends, relatives, colleagues and this additional channel of advertising will not cost you money. It’s also with the site. You may not plan to sell it, but it must be functional and must sell what you offer. Adwords will surely bring people to your site in large numbers, however it’s not enough for people to just come and stay there, contact you, order a product or click to call you by phone. All this belongs to SEO because Google monitors a visitors behavior on the site, how long they stay and interact with the content.

A bonus for well-optimized sites is cheaper and on Adwords. This setting is pretty fair by Google:


Everyone can advertise, but it would be wrong to pay the same price to people who optimized the site well and work on the promotion daily and the people who made the page, set up a couple of pictures, paid for the advertisement and are waiting for clients to arrive. Poorly optimized sites pay a higher cost per click.

Summarized Adwords Policy


For best results, make sure that the site is optimized and advertise such a website. Some people reflexively skip paid advertisements and watch only organic results. Some others look at each other, so if they find you on the first page and in one and the other results, they will recognize authority within you. All these people are your potential clients. Do not lose them.

We also saw that the cost per click is lower for well-ordered sites, so do not lose money either. Calculate your savings simply: If you invest 100,000 euros a month in AdWords. Make $1000 in SEO, which will reduce Google’s click price by 5%. This percentage of 100,000 is invested at 5,000 euros, which is not a small saving.

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