How To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe From Hackers [Infographic]

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WordPress is the most popular content management system for blogging on the web by a long margin. Unfortunately, this has made it a target for nefarious hackers looking to access private data and/or insert malware. This infographic from cmstowp breaks down everything you need to know about WordPress security — including tips to keep your site protected.

cmstowp is a CMS migration service provider and builder of custom web applications. Its infographic on WordPress security contains a solid overview on the topic, along with effective management tips and warning signs to look out for.

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Since WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging, it makes it’s a preferred target for hackers who are continuously in search of finding novel ways and means to exploit the potential weaknesses in websites.

Effective management of your WordPress site is a more than a necessity and maintaining its health and privacy at all times is a must.

Persistent monitoring and keeping an eye on the security not just helps to safeguard the website from unwanted attacks but also regulates right functioning.

The below infographic depicts some of the symptoms that you can watch out for while managing your WordPress site.

Once you identify the influencing factors behind the mediocre performance of your site, you can define measures to fix them.

Keeping a strict vigilance, over the period, would ensure taking preventive steps beforehand.

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