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WordPress (WP) powers an astonishing 25% of the web, and it’s easy for new users to get a 1-click install WP site. Then shortly after that, they come back to their domain looking for how to log into WordPress. No sweat, it’s super easy and we’ll use this as a reference article for subsequent WordPress posts. Login is super easy, and here’s how to do it.

Login To WordPress In 2 Steps

Assuming your domain name is, the general idea is to go to your home page and add /wp-admin/ or /wp-login.php to its address in the browser address bar.

  1. Go to
    1. or
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Done !


If you don’t care for entering your password every time, I would suggest checking the « Remember Me » checkbox next time before login in. The downside is that someone else may walk to your computer and have access to your WordPress.

Alternatively, you can use a password manager such as Lastpass and 1password and they will auto-fill the form each time. Both have many options for extra security.

Didn’t work?

If you could not access the login page with the instructions above, there many additional cases.

Sub-directory WordPress install

It is possible that your blog is one of many and that it was installed in a sub-directory. Your home page may look like this: in which case you may try

Sub-domain WordPress install

If your site’s address looks like this: then it’s called a sub-directory WordPress installation, and your login page is probably located at


And of course, it’s possible that it is installed on a sub-domain in a sub-directory, in which case, you need to try

If you WordPress website is hosted on, just go to the general login page.

Additional tips

Add the login link with a theme widget

Some WordPress themes will give you the ability to add a login link to the sidebar of the blog’s design. This is usually for sites that let random people create an account to add comments, but you can use the same login link to get in as a writer or an administrator.

If your theme doesn’t come with this option maybe a plugin will do the trick (assuming you can install them). Sidebar Login Widget, Tabbed login widget, WP Sliding Login are plugins that could help you do that.

Move the login page to another address

With plugins such as “Rename wp-login.php” can you move the login page to a different address. This is typically used to avoid “brute force attacks” by malicious systems, but it could also be used to have a login address that is nicer for you to remember.

Note that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may lock yourself out, so use this with care. For example, you could move your login page to

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