How To Use Social Media To Boost Your SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization (SEO) has almost become synonymous with content marketing. Because you need a steady stream of quality, optimized content in order to fuel your SEO campaign, many business owners focus a disproportionate amount of attention to cultivating the best possible content. However, there are many other outlets for ongoing SEO you’ll need to consider if you want to maximize results.

Social media is sometimes seen as a separate entity, deserving of a separate strategy. While it can be used independently, it’s better if you use it in alignment with your SEO strategy so you can get the best of both worlds. With certain social media strategies, you’ll be able to improve your brand awareness through social channels and simultaneously increase your domain authority, which will get you to rank higher for user searches of all varieties.

Build Your Following

One factor Google Google takes into consideration for domain authority is the following you have on your social platforms. As a simple example, if your brand has 10,000 likes on Facebook and 10,000 followers on Twitter Twitter, you’ll have a higher authority and higher search rankings than a similar brand with 100 likes and 100 followers. Build your following by regularly posting interesting material, and engaging your audience directly by responding to their comments or opening up public discussions. Check for updates multiple times throughout the day, and be personable to attract even more people.

A word of caution: Google is able to tell when your following is real and when it is comprised of spam accounts. Don’t resort to paying for new likes or followers directly; doing so typically fills your audience with bot accounts or fake profiles, which will do more harm than good for your online reputation. Stick to building your audience naturally, even if it takes longer.

Share Your Content

Social media is also a perfect opportunity to extend the reach of your content. For example, if you write a new extended blog post about a news item related to your industry, you can get it in front of thousands of new eyes just by sharing it with your followers.

The first benefit to this is obvious; you’ll get more attention and earn more traffic to your site. This is a good thing, but it only peripherally benefits SEO (by making your site look more popular). The more direct SEO benefit is that it will encourage more people to become aware of your content, and link to it on their own sites. That diverse link pool will pass authority to your domain, giving you the power of dozens of links without the time it takes to build them manually.

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