How your insurance brand can get the most out of PPC

PPC can deliver immediate results for your insurance brand and, in such a competitive sector, you’re brand needs to ensure its right in front of the target market to even start to compete for customers. So how can you make the most of PPC as a digital marketing channel? How can you ensure you’re not just throwing money into a strategy that will never deliver the results you want?

How your insurance brand can get the most out of PPC

Invest in remarketing

Remarketing is a highly effective, and proven, method of getting those customers back to your site to purchase. Even if they’re not ready to purchase, remarketing can make sure those users have your name at the forefront of their mind whilst they’re browsing other sites going about their day.

Don’t focus on short-tail keywords, go long

Targeting long-tail keywords can help you increase your click-through rate. Imagine someone just searches for ‘insurance’, for example, how relevant is your ad going to be compared to what the user was specifically looking for? Building long-tail keywords into your strategy ensures that when the user types it in, it’s more specific, therefore the ad you’ve built will be more specific and much more likely to be clicked on.

With the voice search market growing exponentially, helped along with products including Amazon Echo and Google Home, your insurance brand needs to adapt its keyword strategy to reflect the expected increase in conversational search queries.

Implement CRO tactics

Even if you have a robust PPC strategy complete with highly specific long-tail keywords and you’re getting clicks like there’s no tomorrow, are they being sent to a dedicated landing page? Make sure you don’t fall at the last hurdle and present the user with an underwhelming landing page. Your PPC ad landing pages should almost mimic the text on your ad that made them click through in the first place.

Don’t alienate the user and increase the chances of a high bounce rate, simple mirror the messaging all the way through from ad to landing page, making it crystal clear to the user that they are on the correct landing page. Removing navigation and keeping the page clutter-free from other offers and other items that command the user’s attention, will all help your PPC strategy perform at its best.

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