iCopyright and WordPress: Copyright Compliance Made Easy

In today’s wired world where websites rule and users gather and share information electronically through a plethora of devices (making it easy, but not always legal, to share and republish information), copyright compliance ranks extremely high on the list of priorities for both publishers and authors. Addressing—and if necessary paying for—reuse rights must be relatively straightforward for users of information if they’re going to comply with copyright terms. iCopyright, a provider of “digital tools that enable content creators to continue to profit, promote, and protect their valuable content,” competently addresses publishers and authors as it continues to add to and enhance its toolset for both audiences. In fact, iCopyright’s repubHub content licensing network was named one of EContent magazine’s “Trendsetting Products of 2014.”

iCopyright’s Latest News

Not one to rest on its laurels, in late July 2015, iCopyright announced that not only had it added to its stable of 1,000-plus publisher clients, but it had also rolled out significant enhancements to its iCopyright Toolbar WordPress plug-in. New publisher partners include the Chicago Tribune’s Washington Bureau, the Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, and 14 Journal Media Group newspapers from states such as Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. Expect to see several large U.S. and international newspaper publishers and specialty publishers added in the near future. Additionally, the company joined Facebook and released a new version of its embed technology to keep repubHub running quickly with clean graphics and reliable service.

Updating the WordPress Plug-In

Attracting online users and increasing page views are integral components of any publisher’s or website creator’s web strategy. The use of compelling content—both originally produced and authored by third parties—is critical for attracting user attention and retention as well as for SEO. The latest enhancements to the iCopyright Toolbar plug-in for WordPress (versions 2.5.5 and 2.5.7) provide a seamless way for users of this CMS to monitor content by topic and easily integrate articles into a website while adhering to copyright law. They simply click the Republish button on the Posts menu when they find news items the want to use on their own sites. Alerts are even available for when articles on their favorite topics are eligible for republication. The Republish button feeds the content into the repubHub portal for others to find and reuse.

“Prior to the 2.5.5 release, WordPress users could monitor topics, but it wasn’t integrated in the same way as it is now—and the topics in their saved searches were not updated dynamically whenever they log in or refresh the page,” says Andrew Elston, iCopyright’s CEO. “People who don’t use WordPress have always been able to monitor topics using repubHub (they need to have an account to do so), but of course we can’t integrate their search results into their individual CMS.” WordPress is an open source CMS that calls itself “the most popular online publishing platform, currently powering more than 20% of the web,” with about a 60% share of the market for small and medium websites.

A Real-Life Use Case

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland, a news website that boasts category channels for Politics, News Behaving Badly, Media/Show Business, Good News, Pot Luck, and Opinion. A WordPress user, Colmes describes Liberaland as “a political website that aggregates content from the left side of the political plate for users with liberal and progressive viewpoints.” Using a bare-bones staff of one administrator and assorted freelancers, Liberaland posts 15–20 new stories per day using WordPress and the iCopyright plug-in to monitor and ensure copyright compliance for everything that’s published. Colmes continues, “Overall the plug-in is working very well, enabling tracking and posting of articles on the site seamlessly with just two clicks. In addition to any economic gains, Liberaland and the associative content are also able to promote the sharing of the content and provide an even larger network of users for this material. iCopyright ensures that any copyright issues for content used [are] successfully addressed for the publishers and creators.”

Kudos to iCopyright. Not only does it understand what its users require for delivered and hosted content, it is also keenly aware of the hows and whys of this usage. The company continues to make it easier for publishers, content creators, and content users to color within the lines of copyright while still sharing and posting their stories.

Article source: http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/NewsBreaks/iCopyright-and-WordPress-Copyright-Compliance-Made-Easy-106166.asp

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