Interact Media Releases Zerys Writer Marketplace WordPress Plugin

Content marketing software company Interact Media has released its
official Zerys Writer Marketplace plugin for WordPress, available for
free download now in the Plugin Directory.

The plugin is the first to give website designers and owners the
ability to hire freelance writers, manage copywriting and content
marketing projects, and publish content, directly from their
WordPress dashboard.

Plugin features include:

        --  Access to a marketplace of more than 20,000 pre-screened, professional
            writers available for hire.
        --  Account dashboard outlining current projects in one location.
        --  Project management tool with reviewing and editing tracking
        --  Built-in SEO and title development tools.
        --  Auto-publish to a WordPress blog or website.

“Content development is the foundation of any website and marketing
strategy, yet it’s the area many businesses struggle with most,” says
Steve Lazuka, president of Interact Media. “The plugin is designed to
give businesses of all sizes access to high-quality, affordable
content directly in their WordPress account.”

Lazuka added, “We are thrilled to be the first to offer writing
services to the millions of WordPress website owners, as well as
connecting the world’s most popular content management system with a
tool we developed specifically to support businesses in online
content creation.”

The Zerys Writer Marketplace utilizes SmartPost technology, a reverse
bid system that identifies the highest rated writer at the lowest
price possible based on a user’s maximum per word price. Users only
pay for content if they are completely satisfied.

The Zerys plugin integrates seamlessly into any blog or
website, and is free to WordPress users. WordPress users can install
the plugin at

About Zerys Writer Marketplace
A product of Interact Media, Zerys
Writer Marketplace is a powerful project management tool and writer
marketplace, offering businesses and agencies a simple and affordable
way to get quality, custom content. For more information, visit .

About Interact Media
Backed by more than 10 years of content
marketing experience, Interact Media develops innovative software
solutions for the content marketing industry. With a keen
understanding of the needs of freelance writers, corporate marketers,
small business owners and agencies alike, Interact Media translates
content marketing needs to effective solutions that enable these
audiences implement strategies and drive results. Interact Media is
developer of the Zerys Content Marketplace, Zerys for Agencies and
YoExpert. For more information, visit .

        Christy Hajoway

SOURCE: Interact Media


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