Internet Web Traffic and Sales Generation Basics

Internet search engine giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced on Thursday that it is adding free games to its service offering. “Playing games is a great way for us to spend quality time with each other,” read the official statement. The games are available to Google+ users free of charge.

The move into the gaming world allows the company to compete with other free online services for internet traffic and using the power of its brand, Google is in a strong position to compete with other online services and entertainment systems for significant numbers of viewers. The longer Google keeps readers engaged on its pages and within the Google family of services, the greater opportunity for users to be exposed to advertising and other marketing campaigns and the less time will be spent on competitor’s sites. The company earns fees for advertising programs so adding games seems to be a creative and revenue-generating expansion of services.

It will not surprise anyone if Google’s new games platform accomplishes the company’s objectives. Google is the corporate gorilla in the room and has the creativity and resources to compete on just about any level. Organizations of this size can generate traffic they need by investing in creative solutions and by providing greater value to its visitors.

Small Business Implications
What then is a small business to do to generate web traffic and site visitors? Small and local businesses have the same needs and objectives as major corporations; to engage readers and to build relationships with them so that readers may one day become customers. Earning revenue then is conceptually no different for a “Mom and Pop” store than it is for Google. Provide value, deliver the message and the organization can attract the attention of its target audience. One that value is identified and established, independent business organizations can utilize proven methods to attract readers and potential customers. Marrying proven internet communication strategies such as SEO with Creative Marketing is the key to marketing success for just about any organization.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO, social media and paid internet advertising are all part of the advertising and marketing mix that many organizations utilize to attract new business. Many SEO strategies are proven methods for using the internet search engines to present an organization to users seeking information about a product or service. SEO methods are fairly common and include link building and on-page structuring of content so that the search engines better understand the page. These methodologies, when applied consistently over several months, can attract readers and visitors to the business web page.

Creative Marketing
The creative element – such as Google’s use of games in its product mix – must also be applied in addition to proven SEO strategies. Providing a reason to visit one’s site and read the material requires some careful thought. The creative marketing element also impacts the actual product or service offered. New features – particularly in service areas – can be added to make the product more valuable. Marketing a product or service without a way to differentiate it or without a creative piece that sets it apart from a competitor’s does not provide the reader with any reason to stay on the page or to consider purchasing the product. Identifying product or service advantages is essential to establishing a creative marketing program.

Message Distribution
Once a creative product or message has been identified, how does a small business communicate it to the market? In our new web world, this must be done using a combination of SEO, social media and communication methodologies such as blogging. After all, why invest in a new business idea and not tell as many people as possible about it?

Business must compete for new readers, visitors and customers. Actual product offerings may differ, but from the smallest company to the largest corporation, use of creative strategies combined with proven and effective communication and web methodologies can earn new customers and improve revenue.

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