It’s Official: Caroff Communications Rocks Digital Marketing!

SAN DIEGO, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Caroff Communications has secured the trademark rights to 3 taglines: Websites that ROCK!®, SEO that ROCKS!®, and PPC that ROCKS!®. With these trademarks, the company firmly establishes their bona fides in the digital marketing space.

Originally suggested to Caroff by a fellow marketer, the idea of employing these types of rock-themed taglines was initially based on his role as the leader/guitarist of a Santana Tribute band: Savor. The entire concept, however, has evolved to have a much broader meaning.

“If the only reason we could use a phrase like ‘SEO that ROCKS!‘ was my guitar playing, it wouldn’t really hold much water,” admits Caroff. “It’s the entire team, working together, that gives our company the ability to produce great work. In short, we are not a one-man show, we are a band!”

Formed in 1995, Caroff Communications grew out of president Michael Caroff’s experience as a magazine editor. Applying the principles of good print design to websites has been one of the major factors to which Caroff attributes the company’s success.

“While the delivery methods may have changed, the human visual and cognitive systems still operate the same way,” explains Caroff. “The criteria of easily readable and digestible print and graphic information are as valid today as they have been for hundreds of years.”

Another reason for the agency’s superb service is the group of talented people Caroff has assembled. In addition to Michael himself (an experienced writer, designer, coder, and SEO professional), the Caroff Communications team includes seasoned writers, top-notch programmers, designers, an SEO/PPC guru, a no-holds-barred project manager, and production people, among others.

A third asset working for Caroff Communications is the open, horizontal style of the company’s structure. Disillusioned with the dated, hierarchical bureaucracies he encountered while working at larger companies, Caroff has endeavored to create a nimble, flexible organization that can adapt to the ever-morphing world of digital marketing.

“This industry changes rapidly and often,” recounts Caroff. “So do we. Everyone on the team excels in multiple disciplines, and we are always looking not only at how we can produce better work for clients, but do it more quickly and efficiently.”

“Because we are fully immersed in website design and production as well as search engine optimization (including PPC campaigns), we also have the advantage of understanding the full marketing cycle, from discovery to action,” he continues. “That is critical in how successfully we can deliver results for our clients.”

The company’s focused, integrated approach to websites and SEO/PPC marketing was developed over its 24-year history, and reflects a thoughtful process from start to finish. Built from a solid foundation of quality content, and flexible, user-friendly website design and programming, Caroff Communications offers their clients a strategy that is both time-tested and perfect for today’s fast-changing marketplace.

They live and breathe their promise to provide Websites that ROCK!®, SEO that ROCKS!®, and PPC that ROCKS!®.

About the Company

Caroff Communications is a Google Partner company with more than two decades’ experience designing and building websites, and creating and managing successful SEO and PPC campaigns. Their team of writers, designers, programmers, production coordinators, and marketing experts, provide a complete solution for companies in these media channels.

President Michael Caroff previously conceived, launched, and ran Frontline Magazine for Fender: the world’s largest electric guitar company. His team is focused on creating high-quality content and promoting clear, user-friendly communication simultaneously aimed at search engines and potential customers.


Michael Caroff
(818) 784-0922


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