Making the Switch from In-House to Consultant SEO

  1. some just aren’t worth your time. Some clients simply don’t have the budget to achieve their goals. There’s nothing wrong with negotiating with a client to provide a level of service that falls more in line with their budget. But don’t forget that your reputation is at stake and you should only take on clients that you feel confident you can help.

  2. 30% you, 70% them

    Anyone who works in more than one sector of SEO can tell you that juggling an in-house or agency role while running a consultant business on the side, can be an arduous task. The same goes for balancing client work and the demands of growing your own business. I think a 30/70 split is a healthy balance. In a lot of ways, the client comes first. But you also don’t want to get so wrapped up in client work that you end up neglecting your own website. Since clients are coming to you to help them improve their online presence, your website, blog, and social channels are sometimes looked at as a reflection what you can do for them. If your website has an outdated design and your last blog post was over a year ago, they may move on to the next guy.

  3. The Value of Referrals

    Word of mouth is powerful. In the restaurant business, they say if a customer has a bad experience, they’ll tell 5 people and if they have a good experience they might tell one. The same is true for most businesses. So not only is it important to keep a clean reputation, both online and offline, but it’s also a good idea to encourage reviews, testimonials, and referrals. Direct referrals, where a client refers a friend, are great, but indirect referrals can be just as rewarding.  Indirect referrals occur when clients discover you from review sites like Yelp or from a blog post or article you published. The more active you are and the higher your online visibility, the more likely it is that new clients will find you.


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