Maria Johnsen Multilingual SEO and AI Influencer Reveals The Benefit of Artificial Intelligence on Paid Advertising

Perhaps no advancement over the past decade has had more of an impact on paid advertising, especially with Google Ads (Google AdWords) and Facebook PPC than Artificial Intelligence (A.I) says Maria Johnsen the multilingual seo and A.I influencer.

The advancement in artificial intelligence in terms of technology has allowed for the compression of information so that becomes more easily accessible to marketers in helping them target the right audience.

AI is the advancement of research technology that brings together many different factors based on the internet habits of the user. In other words, it is the gathering of information on the personal habits of the potential customer so that paid advertising can be better directed at the right audience. There are ethical implications of AI as many feel that it crosses the line in gathering personal information. However, there is no doubt that it has helped improve the targeting of paid advertising efforts.

“Artificial intelligence takes every search a user makes and every page s/he visit and turns that into information about their personal habits on the internet. By not only addressing their actions, it also considers their vulnerabilities which mean that paid advertising in places like Google AdWords and Facebook PPC becomes more potent in its effects.

Over the past few years, AI has had a major impact on the collection, interpretation, and distribution of the information provided to marketers so they can purchase advertising in the right places. While AI has undergone some fits and starts, it now is becoming more refined in its advancements.”

Maria Johnsen reveals that the primary impact of AI on paid advertising has been information about the potential customer. Over the past few years, the effect of the paid advertising has grown considerably because the AI has been able to better target potential leads and customers to a far greater degree than before. This is not to say that paid advertising has replaced organic SEO in terms of marketing strategy, but there is no doubt that it has offered a positive impact which makes Google AdWords and Facebook PPC more effective in reaching the desired customer base.” Says Maria Johnsen

In her book: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: The next big technological break she explained the impact of artificial intelligence on paid advertising along with the other aspects of how the search engines should be in future.

Maria Johnsen encourages companies to take benefit of Google advertising, Facebook PPC, Pinterest Ads and Instaram ads. However not all social media networks are good at A.I and machine learning programming. For example Twitter has a lot of algorithmic glitches which shadowbans and suspends users’ accounts on autopilot. This is due to bad engineering and not having a proper knowledge in machine learning, A.I and deep learning programming.

For more information about A.I in digital marketing get a copy of her book. The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: The next big technological break on Google books

About Maria Johnsen:

Maria Johnsen is a Norwegian author, filmmaker and entrepreneur.She holds a degree in political economy, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University in Paris, BA in Information technology BA in informatics, Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and master degree in filmmaking and television from University of London in the UK. Maria knows eighteen languages and possesses experience in language instruction, tutoring, and translation. She has also developed a unique teaching method for fast learning “Implications for Upgrading Accelerated Learning Practices In Educational Systems” This method is applied in China and Norway. Starting in 2008, she began offering search engine optimization services. Her company Golden Way Media expanded internationally in 2009 carrying out various projects in Europe, North America and Asia. While offering services to the general public, Maria Johnsen continues to consult with corporate clients, agencies and small businesses.

Maria Johnsen ‘s Awards and Recognition in 2017

Ranked #1 among Top 100 SEO Influencers by Kcore

Ranked #2 among world top 100 digital marketing influencers in 2017 by

Ranked #2 deep learning influencers in 2017 by Betweenness Centrality aka kcore

Ranked #12 among top 50 agency strategy influencers by Onalytica

Ranked #9 among top 50 lead generation influencers by Onalytica

Ranked Among Top 200 Global Influencers in Content Marketing 2017 by Onalytica

In 2019 Maria received The International Star Award for Quality Convention 2019 for Quality leadership, innovation and excellence. The convention was held in Geneva Switzerland. She wrote 17 fiction and nonfiction books.

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