Media Temple Expands Its WordPress Hosting Features With Backup Service …

WordPress now powers more than 20% of websites, and given this huge market, it’s no surprise that the number of specialized hosting services for WordPress sites also continues to grow.

Media Temple is one of the latest companies to join the fray, launching its premium WordPress hosting service just over a month ago. Today, it’s expanding this service with a number of new features, including new backup and restoration tools, Git integration and a new WP theme the company exclusively commissioned for its service.

Media Temple’s backups service will allow customers to restore snapshots from any of the last 30 days. It’s worth mentioning that Automattic, the parent company behind the open source WordPress software, also offers its own backup service for self-hosted sites. Plans for that service start at $5/month for daily backups and a 30-day backup archive. Having a built-in solution, however, makes life a bit easier for Media Temple users and allows the company to compete with other dedicated WordPress hosting services like WP Engine, which also often offer similar tools out of the box.

mt-wp- new theme- May 9Besides the Git integration for easy version control, Media Temple now also allows users full remote server access via SSH for their WordPress sites.

The new theme, the company tells me, was designed with photographers in mind. This is Media Temple’s second exclusive WordPress theme.

Another small but useful feature the company is quietly launching next Monday is the ability to buy WordPress hosting without the need to attach a domain name to them. This, the company says, it meant to give professional website builders more flexibility.

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