New Free WordPress Plugin Adds Authentic Urgency to Online Sales Pages

New Free WordPress Plugin Adds Authentic Urgency to Online Sales Pages

Page Expiration Robot Allows Users to Create WordPress Pages and Posts that Have Automatic Expiration Dates

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 06, 2011 ) Limassol, Cyprus — For any internet marketers struggling to create an authentic sense of urgency to their online offers, one-time offers, and special offers there is a new and completely free wordpress plugin that will now help with just that.

Page Expiration Robot was recently released into the market by internet marketing entrepreneurs John Socratous and Bill Zimmerman. Written by their team of developers, this plugin was created by Bill and John because they needed something that did what this software does.

Page Expiration Robot allows users to create WordPress pages as well as posts that expire after a specific amount of time. Visitors to the website can then be redirected to another URL—like perhaps another offer or sale. In addition, the program allows users to track the time of expiration based upon visitor cookie or IP address.

For example, Page Expiration Robot can be used to run a special price on a product for 24 hours for each visitor to the website. So when visitor A visits the sale page, his or her time starts, and that potential customer then has 24 hours to take advantage of the sale. If the visitor returns to the page after the 24 hour time period is up, the program will automatically send the user to the redirection URL. This scenario will go on and on for each visitor to the page.

There is also a setting so that each and every visitor has their offer expiring at the same time—for example, any and all visitors who come to the website after a certain day and time will get redirected.

This free plugin can easily allow business owners to add a sense of urgency to their product offers and thus increase their sales. It’s a well known fact in the marketing world that when potential buyers feel a sense of urgency, they are much more inclined to buy the product.

Given the brand-new guidelines now laid down by online retail giant Clickbank, as well as the always continued stringent guidelines of the FTC, this plugin comes at a great time for everyone who markets their product on the internet. False scarcity and false urgency is not tolerated and this plugin will keep everybody within their guidelines.

Page Expiration Robot has also released a paid version of the program. For a small fee business owners can add real countdown timers to their pages easily. This way the visitor will actually see how much time is left until the offer expires. This countdown can be added in multiple spots of the page, and there are a variety of options to customize the look and feel of the countdown as well.

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