Old AdWords interface will be phased out by year-end

Google announced Monday that the old AdWords interface will hit the dustbin by the end of the year.

Last year, Google rolled out the new interface, which it calls the new AdWords experience, to all advertisers and has continued to add new features. Advertisers have been able to toggle back and forth between the two.

Not all features and reports will be coming over from the old version, but Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Google Analytics columns are now available, as is an update to the Keyword Planner that also uses Material Design.

An update to the Keyword Planner is now live.

The new interface has met a rough reception by some long-term AdWords users. In the announcement blog post, Jerry Dischler, VP of product management, says the company has taken feedback into account and made updates, including the ability to “find features faster with more intuitive icons, hide and unhide paused or removed items, and see more of your performance data by expanding the statistics table.”

Reports, filters and automated rules that are available in the new AdWords will be moved over automatically from the old one.

Dischler notes that accounts will not be switched to the new interface during November or December, so it seems you can expect the changeover to happen by the end of October at the latest. Google will send out email notifications ahead of the switch.

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