Online code-teacher Treehouse is now serving up WordPress

Treehouse, the learn-to-code startup helmed by web savant Ryan Carson, is now offering code courses for WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems and website frameworks on the Internet.

The news comes almost one month after Treehouse launched its PHP courses — perfect timing, since WordPress itself is a PHP product.

“We have a huge number of requests from students who want to learn WordPress, and we’re super excited to launch our new course!” said Carson in an email exchange with VentureBeat, promising that learners “will be able to go from beginner to advanced in WordPress” with the course material provided.

The WordPress courses will be taught by Zac Gordon, a WordPress expert who has previously taught at the high school and college levels.

“Zac Gordon is one of the World’s best WordPress teachers and we’re honored to have him,” Carson added.

WordPress itself can be as simple as a web-based graphic user interface for posting brief missives on personal blogs, but it’s also the backbone for countless high-traffic websites and is the guts behind the pretty exteriors of equally countless custom-designed WordPress themes.

Carson and the rest of the Treehouse crew see the ability to create and manipulate code as a fundamental life skill — at least for those of us who plan on participating in the future.

“Understanding technology and controlling it with code is becoming the next part of literacy,” said Carson in a recent VentureBeat interview.

“No one will be able to succeed in their job in the future without that basic skill set. It’s like being able to do math or write or read.”

Treehouse is in the same learn-to-code market as Y Combinator alum Codecademy. However, Codecademy’s curriculum has expanded into deep nerd territory with Ruby and Python additions to the coursework. Carson noted that Treehouse’s curriculum also differs in that it’s professionally produced content from vetted industry pros.

Here’s a clip showing how Treehouse courses work:

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