Proven SEO On Page Optimization Tips for Record Breaking Success

You can surely make your site perform like a rocking diva with all its alluring performance bringing in lots of fans from across the world and get it Grammy, Emmy, and all the awards in other words, traffic that’s ready for conversion with lots of bucks raining on you with the exuberantly wonderful business.

Open your eyes, pinch yourself, have you started dreaming or something? Well, this isn’t an impossible dream and there are hundreds of websites out there on the internet that are really doing this! And even your site has the power to do this; all you need is proper optimization of your site.

And when it comes to optimization, the game starts from your site and it reaches the Olympics only when your on page part does excellently well. In other words, SEO on page optimization is the most important aspect of your SEO campaign as it is the focal point and your entire campaign depends on it.

So how you are going to excel in it? First, stop thinking it as a difficult technique that requires you to break the rocks out of some hard mountain! Just do away with all the bizarre notions that you have about it. Second, follow some of the essential tricks of the trade and your success won’t appear like an encounter with some alien from the Mars!

Here are some useful SEO on page optimization tips for you.

Structuring of the URL

Structuring your URL is no less than naming a Hollywood movie.  Now, if your movie is a romantic love story, will a name arousing passion for adventure help? Or will an action movie with comical name bring you right audience? Surely, it won’t. So is with the naming or structuring of your URL.

You just can’t have an ugly looking, idiotic URL that has no relevancy with your site. Make sure that your URL is SIMPLE, SHORT SWEET, and finally RELEVANT to your site, if you want your audiences to click open your page and get ravishingly huge targeted traffic.

JavaScript – Should you use it?

JavaScript appears cool to you? You’re madly in love with it? Sorry, but Google bots don’t have any plans to take those heavy pages written in JavaScript on date! In simple words, even when Google says, its bots can handle JavaScript well; there are lots of evidences saying it ISN’T TRUE.

 Straight forwardly, the bots are really bad at handling JavaScript. And if you’re going to create pages after pages with such unreadable code, Google bots may simply leave out your site instead of crawling deep down inside it.

Using Canonical URLs

You should use the attribute for indicating what URL you prefer for a page. This has a special usefulness when you have pages that are almost identical appearing on the internet at different URLs. This may happen because of several reasons like your choice of category, etc.

It becomes important because if you won’t tell Google or any other search engine about the page which you actually want to get indexed and have all the link juice and authority for, you may even get into duplicate content controversy. So, it becomes mandatory for you to implement canonical URLs.

What’s your Robots.txt file doing?

Robots.txt is a kind of text file that simply instructs the search engine robots what they should be indexing on your site and what they shouldn’t be. Use robots.txt to ensure none of your unwanted pages are getting crawled by the search bots.

Placing Sitemaps on your site.

It has become quite common lately, yet there are many who don’t know the benefits of placing an XML sitemap on their sites. It is quite beneficial to place sitemap on your site as it tells the search engines about all the pages present on your site. This in turn increases the possibility of faster indexing of your pages even when they are new.

So simply follow these above mentioned SEO On Page Optimization tips for your site and get the record breaking success you ever wanted!

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