Save 93 percent on a crash course in Google AdWords [Deals]

Promoting a product or brand online means making the most of Google AdWords. So if you’re not set up with AdWords, or just want to know how to make better use of Google’s online advertising system, this crash course is for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords 2018 clocks in at 18 hours of lesson content spread out among 70 lectures. They’ll teach you how to master an AdWords account from scratch in step-by-step lessons.

That means learning how to make best use of keywords; how to track sales, revenue and form submissions; and other foundational concepts. Additionally, you’ll learn how to structure accounts, campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists for the best results.

Buy now: Get the Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords 2018 for $12.99 — that’s a massive 93 percent discount.

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